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I am trying to install space syntax on Rhino 6 and as now it doesn't have half of the components that help creating readable clean bubble diagrams.What is a way around it to make it work?

Also I tried installing it on Rhino 5 in another system and it shows a SDK compatibility error, any helps? 


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Hi Masha,

Looks like I have the same issue, did you find a way to get it to work on Rhino 6?



Unfortunately not yet. Looks like Pirouz and his team are working on releasing the new version which would be compatible with Rhino6. I was looking for a mid January release but unfortunately there were is no update available yet. 

If you are encountering a problem with rhino 6 versions don't worry
Follow these steps.
1. Download SYNTACTIC from
2. Install it and go to the installation folder, Drag & drop SYNTACTIC(green one) over your grasshopper canvas.
3. Close your rhino and reopen it.
4. Type GrasshopperDeveloperSettings
5. Tick the Memory load *.GHA assemblies using COFF byte arrays option
6. Run grasshopper and enjoy plugin





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