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Hi There, I'm using the latest version of Syntax (downloaded today) on Rhino 6. Is it correct to assume that this isn't 100% compatible with Gh on R6 at this point?

The issue I am having is the first two icons run the same script. They both read as "ForceDirectedDrawing". I believe that the top one should activate the "DiskoGraphDrawing" command. Is this correct and is it just that Syntax is not completely compatible with GH6?

Thank you Chris D.

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Dear Chris Dimarco, I have a problem with installing the space syntax plugin. Syntactic.gha can be put in the special folder of grasshopper_0.9.76.0 and rhino 6 on Windows 64 system. It works, but lack some components. So I want to use the old version syntactic V2.7, which need to be installed. The problem is that syntactic V2.7 installed cannot be shown in grasshopper ( and rhino 5.

First, the specification shows after the syntactic V2.7 installation the green syntactic.gha which cannot be found should be put in the special folder. Why it don’t have the green syntactic.gha?

Second, the specification shows the syntactic V2.7 should be installed in grasshopper 0.9.0075 which cannot be found all through the Internet. Who can send me the grasshopper 0.9.0075?

Finally, someone said the old version space syntax should be installed in rhino 5 on Windows 32 system. Is it true?

If you want to share your experience with me, you could send me an email also.


Thank you very much in advance. Best wishes.






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