algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Sonic update 0.1.3b




SquareRoot: An optimized Square Root function multiple times faster than the default Square Root Component with a slight trade off in rounding numbers.

Flow: Calculates the flow of lines via the path of least resistance down a sloped surface.

TargetRays + SurfaceRays: Both plugins are used to cast and calculate surface reflections rays.

We hope to develop this into a larger suite of components, but for now its contains three components. The plugin suite  comes with many GH Example files…….

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first thank you. Really nice components!

There is a bug in TargetRay though. Some of the rays hit in the wrong points and others dont hit at all.

Please have a look.




Just found out, I can make it work, if I first wire the surface and then source and target.

The other way around the error occurs. Strange.



Hey Phillip,

That is strange.... could you include the .3dm file as well. I'll take a look.

Thanks for the feedback :) 

Don´t want to send you an empty file. ;)

Hope this helps anyhow. Thanks,


lol, sorry, i thought the geometry was in Rhino:) i should have opened the GH file first:)

So looking at the file , it appears to be a scale issue, scaling the model up,  works just fine. Your model is so tiny, the the component does not round of numbers that small, they result to 0..... any reason it needs to have such a small scale?

Hmm. Well, the Rh File I use is in meters so the srf is about half a meter in diameter. So I work in numbers between 0.01 and 4.00. I suppose the component is using the standart Rh dependend tolerances, so it should work just fine, I suppose.
Would you rather suggest for going in mm and scaling up by 1000? Does this make a difference in accuracy?

Ok. I found the problem, I still had some test code lying around in there that was shifting points on a minor scale.


Thanks Phillip for pointing out the error.



Thank you.



Update 0.1.5b :


SrfRay and TargRay Fixes: Minor fixes dealing with small scale models.

Hi Carson,

I think you developed sonic for accoustics, though I am mainly using it for optics.

How about about a refraction component? Well, I believe there is accoustic refraction as well.

It could be something like the traget ray, but with inputs of (closed) BRep instead of Srf and instead of Bounce you could use the refraction index (n).

What do you think about this?

If you think there is no need, could you point me into a direction of how I could try to develop it myself?




So Sorry for the late reply, I have been away.....

I like it! I dig the refractive idea, I will give it a go later in the week and get back to you:)

I havn't worked with closed Breps in the SDK, I might try srfs first and then Breps.


Thanks for the Reply.

I think this very exciting and also thanks for sharing interest!







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