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Sorry, one more request! This just shows how much I want to use this plugin! I've been finding it difficult to use the output from the Reflection component when I have many source points because Sonic doesn't seem to preserve my list structure (see screenshot). The points output preserves one level of the list, but the curves come out flat, requiring (I think) some sort of closest point algorithm to reassociate with the source points. 

Would it be possible to make Sonic preserve the list structure that is fed into it? That would be awesome.

Thanks again for this tool!


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Thanks for the interest in the software, I have not updated the plugin for a while.... Taking into account trimmed surfaces can be done, so can preserving the data structure, but I am super busy at the moment, I'll only be able to sit down and do it properly in a weeks time :(

What exactly did you want to use it for?

Ok. Thanks for the fast response!

I'm trying to use it in combination with Ladybug to calculate light bounces for tracing reflections of the sun, coming through a small aperture, over the course of a day and a year. So, my data structure has two levels: time of day and month of year. From that I can trace out a series of curves which show the daily path of the sun's reflection as it changes over the course of the year. It's working, but I'm using various closest point methods to reassociate the ray path points and curves output from TargetRays with the original Source Points. This will be fine for now, though.

Sounds cool, when you have a chance maybe post an example here so I can see exactly what needs to change in the Sonic plugin...






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