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Hi Santiago,

Quiz time!

I'm trying to subdivide a (sort of asymmetrical) geometry with SkinDesigner.

Is this not working because

a) A few of my surfaces are on top of each other

b) I still don't understand how to use the Surface Panel Mode properly, or

c) The panel width and height values are messing things up,

d) Some other reason?

Many thanks in advance,

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Hi Magnus,

By looking at your file, I'm leaning towards b. 

You can see in the Surface Panel mode example on Hydra that in Surface Panel mode the subdividing is done by the user outside of SkinDesigner (through other tools such as Lunch box, Paneling Tools, etc). The resulting surfaces must be either quadrangular or triangular (does not accept more than 4 sided surfs). These surfaces are then input into the SkinGenerator which generates unique panels for each unique surface shape. You can use that example file as a starting point.

Also I suggest updating SkinDesigner with the latest Github components.

Let me know if you have any issues.


Ah, great - that explains the confusion yesterday.

Many thanks, Santiago: I'll look up that Hydra example now and take it from there. And I'll check out those new Github components as well.

Think I've said it before, but no harm in repeating this I guess: great work on SkinDesigner. It's truly a brilliant tool.

All best,

 Thanks Magnus, good luck with the project. 






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