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Hi All,

Happy to announce that a new tutorial has just been posted on YouTube. This time I'm explaining a couple of workflows that use panel functions to generate data-driven facades and dynamic skins (inspired on the Al Bahar towers in Abu Dhabi).

Check the turotial 3 under the playlist below:

Look for Tutorial 3 sample files under the hydra website:



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This Tool is truly amazing. this latest tutorial has real-world applications for architets. Solves so many items in my research for high-rise form finding under grasshopper. I have been testing this tool for some time now. I have only one small humble request or wish list? currently what i have seen is that all the base surface are all upright. Can i request a function that will enable the tool to ready a tapering "slightly twisting based mesh? Similar to Shanghai Tower. Thank you very much if this becomes real. Its just that when i do my generative study of mesh form. some of the directions are twisting. Thank you.

Hi Karlo,

Thank you for your support! I knew sooner than later that would be a request, and I'm working on an integrated solution for the next version of SkinDesigner, but that's months away unfortunately.

In the meantime,  I think I can develop as you suggested a panel function that would be able to map a panel to a double curved surface. I will let you know how it goes once I get a chance to work on it.








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