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Hi Santiago - greetings from Oakland. I have recently been using Skin Designer (and loving it) but ran into a problem when I switched computers. I reinstalled Skin Designer on the new machine but the definition I had created previously now opens with all the components red, with the following errors:

1. I need SkinDesigner_SkinDesigner component
2. Solution exception:name 'SGLibPanel' is not defined

Can't get Skin Designer to work on the new machine even thought the user objects all appear to be the same (from 'skindesignerv0500). I am running the latest Rhino 6. 

Any idea how I can fix this? 

Matthew Winkelstein
Senior Architectural Design Lead - SERA Architects

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Hi Matt,

Glad to learn you are finding SkinDesinger useful.

This errors are generally triggered when the SkinDesigner-SkinDesiger component is missing from your canvas. If you have the component there then that is a rare error, even without installing SkinDesiner the solution should run without problems in Rhino 6. 

Once you double checked that, would you be able to send me the gh file to see what's going on? 


Hi Santiago - thanks - that was it. Silly mistake on my part! Out of curiosity, what is the status of SkinDesigner development? Curious if it is continuing. Thanks again. - Matthew

Good, glad to hear!

In terms of development, SkinDesinger has been developed further but not enough to merit a new release just yet.  I am thinking at some point though to get feedback from users about features requests for a future version (have not received much yet), that way I just focus any development time on what is more beneficial.

That said, nothing will happen in the short term since unfortunately this is a side project where I have very limited time to work on.

Hope that helps, 









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