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This is one amazing tool! I admire the thinking that goes through the creation of this tool. Exactly the type of tool i need to learn and utilise. I do have a question, how can i link  coloured mesh information simulated,generated and import back to Rhino by Geco or Diva to drive the placement of (for example) 1 panel design concept but 4 iteration of window size or louvre density? I am very much curious on this aspect of facade design since i am in a design-built background. Thank you. I am currently now trying to compile a linear workflow from site, form finding, GFA maximisation and facade design. Your tool is a saviour to my for the last part of my presentation. I will give credit to your component once done. Hope to acquire the full knowledge of this tool.



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Thanks! Glad to know you found SkinDesinger useful.

If I understand your question correctly, there is a workflow with SkinDesigner that we have used many times to generate a performative facade. In our case, we had Ladybug Tools dictate the window sizes or louver density in a panel. The key in this workflow is that everything happens in Grasshopper and in one solution making it completely iterative. You could use Diva as well, it should work the same. (I just work next to Chris Mackey, one of Ladybug's co-developers).

I attached the script, minus the solar radiation script, so you can plug-in your analysis tool in it. Made also some key comments in there that are key for this workflow to work. 


Hope this helps!



Dear Santiago,

Wow! Thank you so much!. will try to learn as much on this plugin and share my progress through this page. :-) 

your plugin's a saviour. 



Thank you Karlo. Would be very useful to share any progress with the tool.  Also,  feel free please to point out as you learn the tool any shortcomings or additional features you wished you had to be considered for the next release of SkinDesigner.








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