algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I am having a problem with using the hexagonal dynamic facade 

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I updated the tutorial to include the Rhino 6 components. Give it a try and let me know.


I have downloaded a model from revit and I wanted to apply it in that model but it is not working
I have downloaded a model from revit to rhino and I wanted to apply it in that model but it is not working

Hi Muhab,

Can you describe what's going on with your script? Also, can you send the files so I can take a look at it?



projectthis is the file the, blue side is where the panels should come

can you send me your email to send the files

Sure, sent you an invitation, you should be ale to email me once you accept.


So, I looked at your Rhino file, couple of issues:

1.  You have solids coming from Revit, not surfaces.  You need to explode those to use the individual surfaces in SkinDesigner. 

2. if you are after that wavy shape seen in your pic above, you will need to model a surface with that shape, I attached below a snapshot of the panels using the surfaces you currently have in the model you sent.

3. The file is in millimeters, You may want to convert the scene to feet first, then re-open the grasshopper solution in order to align to the script units (or change the script values to mm).







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