algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I am having a problem with using the hexagonal dynamic facade 

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Hi Muhaib,

Can you attach your gh and Rhino files?


I wanted to know how to use it on different shapes and surfaces

You can replace the skin by linking a new trimmed surface to the Trimmed Skin Surface input, also you can add new modifier geometry (breps, surfaces, and curves) in the Panel Data Proximity component (_geometry input). I selected these inputs in the image below.

Hope this helps,


Not working

Can you show me what error message is raised on both red components? 

Connect a panel component(text panel not skin designer panel) into the out output to see the error message. 

I see. In order to use SkinDesigner with Rhino 6 you will need to download the user objects from SkinDesigner's Github.

Hope that helps,


I downloaded the user objects still same 






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