algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Dear skindesigners,

I am so glad to join our group. Just try to use this wonderful plugin to create some environmental response facade. But after I get the result from Ladybug and input them into the Panel viewer component, the mistake comes out. Would be great if you can take a look at my file and give me some solutions. I will really appreciate that. 

The attachments are the files.

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Hi Tan

I just tried your script. Seems like the Absolute Tolerance value is set too high in your rhino file. You would need to reduce that number to 0.01 for the geometry to be created correctly. I attached the dialog box where you need to make the change.

Hope this helps, please let me know if you find any issues.


Hi Santiago,

Thank you so much for your prompt reply. It works! I am so exciting. Skindesigner has the great potential to improve our design and increase the efficiency. You guys are geniuses. I am sure more and more architects will like this plugin! I will continue going into it!

Many thanks!


Glad it worked out Shengji and thanks for pointing out the error,  I will make sure to add a warning in the next version.








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