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I've been going through the tutorials on the youtube and I couldn't see a way using the existing component to achieve an adaptive panel kind of like in Revit. In you tutorial there is an example of varied panel size but it seems like everything have to remain rectangular, is there existing and future support for adaptive 4 point free-form panel shapes, or even 3 point? 

In the scenario where we have parallelogram or trapezoid shape facade, it''ll be nice if the triangular part of the facade can be auto filled instead of manually model them to make the edge look smooth.

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Hi Jun,

Unfortunately in the initial version of SkinDesigner the focus was to start with more traditional facade solutions, that is, rectangular panels that remain vertical in their orientation. The adaptive geometry components shown in tutorial 3  are starting to add more flexibility on the panel shape but still has to belong to a vertical facade. This is becasue most of the project work I do uses this panel configuration.

All that said, I am already working on the next iteration of SKinDesigner where these limitations will be eliminated and panels will be able to be mapped to double-curved surfaces, adopt different shapes and complete its edges as you described. Not sure how long will take though, hopefully a few months.







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