algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I had similar issues as others getting a working Slic3r config and finally ended up editing the given file. I'm printing clay with a Potterbot and my extrusion multiplier is high, usually 13, because I'm pushing clay through a 2mm nozzle. I took my settings from my Potterbot config file and the printer moves in the correct directions but it is moving too slow and the clay is coming out very slowly. When I compare gcode files generated directly from Slic3r vs the one through Silkworm I can see much less material is flowing but nothing seems to change if I make edits to the config file. Is it an issue with my high extrusion multiplier? I'm attaching my unedited Potterbot config file. I did add the extra lines before attempting to use and I get the same error others have mentioned. 

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