algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi alex, i was just wondering if it's possible to define different types of agents, each having their own characteristics and making them interact with all other agents in the system.

I've already watched "Sharks and minnows" Demo but it seems that since then you've made some changes to the plugin. It'll be great if you could give me some tips since i'm trying to work on my thesis and want to decide whether i can use Quelea or should i switch to Processing.

Waiting for any responses here.


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Hi there! I am trying to do the exact same thing for my thesis too! How did you manage with it? Is it possible to set different agent types?

thanx in advance! 

Something important about "sharks and minnows" is that they work in two system!
If you want to make agents withe different behaviors yo should define two system with different agent rules and finaly make som rules for interaction!
Thats how you can manage two system interaction!
Be careful about using quelea an quelea network for system interaction!
It may have different reaults!

After watching the video I figured it out and now I am working with 2 different systems. The problem is that if want more than 2 maybe it will be too complicated!
Thanx anyway for the reply!

I'm confused ... are you could solve the problem?
I need that...

You can't set multiple types of agents in the same system. What you have to do is to set 2 systems and then make these 2 systems work together by seting new rules. For example separate between the 2 systems' agents means that the input for AQ  is the agents of the first system but the input for QN is the neighboors of the second system. That means, system's 1 agents recognize as neighboors system's 2 agents and separates from them. watch the video refered above, it is helpfull






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