algorithmic modeling for Rhino

The first iteration of this project that will be released is a series of user objects used to debug and test the workflow. The hope is to get feedback on the workflow, functionality, ideas for new features, etc. which will fold into the full .gha which is now under development.

This project was begun prior to Andrew Heumann and NBBJ's amazing plugin Human UI. As such, most of the dashboard functionality is redundant, and elements of Parrot may be folded into Human UI. This is one of the biggest questions at the moment is how much of Parrot, which is primarily focused on generating feedback and formatted output should stay separate, but compatible, and what elements should just be integrated into UI.

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Could you also develop the .dll to use the plugin from code? When I needed to use Human UI, the logic of GH it fell short or was ineficienciente. In addition, is sometimes necessary do it from code to do custom stuffs and in a .dll not only have the components (without the wrap of gh_component), also generic functions that help the development or other methods that drive potential of the plugin.

By the way, good job with the plugin icon.

Good call. The idea has been to develop a .dll that Parrot will reference, as both Parrot and the new Bumblebee will be sharing alot of the same formatting and data compiling components the goal has been to generalize their functions as much as possible. Additionally, on of the big goals for both Parrot and Bumblebee is to make them usable in Dynamo (something I don't want to get into... but has been requested). This is a major reason why this project will probably take a while to get to full release. I've got alot of new and exciting things to learn between here and there.






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