algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Version 0.1 of Parrot is now available for download.

This sketch version of Parrot is the wireframe used to develop the workflow and component set. This initial development was done with user objects for ease of testing. Though a .dll and associated GHA plugin are under development, this release has proven very useful on project work and as such is being released in this preview format.

The hope is to get further feedback and ideas about directions the plugin could take.

Some revisions currently under development are.

  • Switch to WPF from Winform for cleaner and more consistent graphic options.
  • Preset inputs for formatting types on all components which require specific string inputs
  • Tabbed layouts
  • PDF output 
  • Grid and Horizontal layout structures
  • SVG output

Some features include

  • Interactive controls directly update their associated components allowing for upstream changes to a grasshopper assembly.
  • Updates to individual controls update only those controls and not the entire form which speeds up workflow
  • Charts and graphs can seamlessly switch between modes within their given types and move from 3d to 2d.
  • Graphic and font formatting is shared between almost all components for uniformity and will be work with the new version of Bumblebee as well.
  • Most components will work with only essential inputs and many optional formatting inputs adjust to maintain consistency such as form size which will adjust to match the form size. There are still some know issues with this.
  • Form sizing will match defined control sizes in many cases, and will adjust in real time to match layout and formatting changes.

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