algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hello Everyone, 

I'm trying to create a mesh from the red curves (with the same direction of the curves) any ideas? 

Thank you!!!! 

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1 / Study more Grasshopper!
2 / Get more synthetic! (it is a true chaos)
3 /...... Do it by 'Parts'--'group of curves'--, ... - Groups Groups of Curves - and creates from them .... Surfaces or...Meshes. (by "Network of curves")
Then, return to group-groups + groups ... more work.
4/it seems a great geometrical complexity without harmony

Thank you for taking the time to answer questions that were not asked. 

Take a look at the Weaverbird Plugin. It has a component called 

Mesh From Lines (Weave Back)

Transforms a list of lines in a mesh. (This component is experimental and allows to try in advance future functionality)
But anyway there is not an easy way to it and it needs lots of tweaking some times!

Thank you!! I'll try it!! 





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