algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hello togehter,

have anybody of you ever coded something like this?

Is there any forum, wher I could search for something similar?

Thank You so much!



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This is only a "Polar array" ( Pentagonos).

You draw the first Pentagon,

with the center the first 5 objects,--polar array--

(Copy and place the next pentagonos) and make the next polar array ,

with that the seconds objetcs, --the second polar array--/ next 5 objects.

After that with 3 pentagonos, ...and similar.

Hello @cfeldman thank You very much for Your help!

May I have the GH file of your test?

I have to do it in Grasshopper! I will definately check the Website You gave me!!!

Thanks a lot!!




Do you speak spanish ? ( i can )

Here a file, the same construction, in Grasshopper.

--sure, you can work with Anemone, if you want loop actions....

   but here you can see stepfor step, and easy way to do the same.

 ( you can continue to the infinity, grow this ring for ring,of course).


   Chin pun


    Hope that help 

You can find similar exercises in Parametric house,

or ( or youtube channel).(Patterns)

But i think for code-write,....writing:

maybe the same with Phyton ( if you know that),

or "Processing", software.



I have add some files , Gh too.

( the second image, is only a simply array, linear array)

 First polar array

 Second linear array



There is the grasshopper file to,

i hope it  helps you!


this is really cool!!!! Thank you so much!!! It helps very much to understand it too!!!!

Thank you! 






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