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Parakeet is a collection of components focusing in Algorithmic Pattern Generation; it offers a Unique and easy-to-use approach that Generates Geometrical and Natural Patterns/Networks.

For now, Parakeet has 8 Categories: Tilings, Primitives, Pattern Generation, Curve, Mesh, Surface, M.C. Escher and utilities.

Categories :

  • Tilings:
  • Primitives:
  • Pattern Generation 
  • M.C. Escher
  • Mesh
  • Surface
  • Utilities


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Main features in each category are:

  • Tilings:
    • Several patterns/grids useful for algorithmic design.
    • Semi-Regular and Irregular Tilings.
      • Two Differents Methods fo Trilateral Tiling (I&II)
      • Quadrilateral Tiling
      • Elongated Triangular, Rhombitrihexagonal, Snub Square, Snub Trihexagonal, Trihexagonal, Truncated Hexagonal, Truncated Square, Truncated Trihexagonal
      • Penrose Tiling
      • Six 2-Uniform-Tilings
      • Ten Pentagonal Tiling Methods
  • Primitives:
    • Collection of Basic geometries with different mathematical properties
  • Pattern Generation
    • Collection of Method for generating patterns and/or shapes
      • 2D/3D Aggregations: Methods for replication geometries with optional obstacles.
      •  Star Pattern I & II: Two Geometrical Methods of generating Islamic Pattern, the Method can apply on every kind of Tessellation or Space filling Grids (See the Components description for more) and is capable of generating variety of Patterns or ’Girih’ 
      • Pattern Statistics: Get some basic information regarding generated pattern, for fabrication and optimization purposes
      • 13 Different Genotypes for Generating Geometrical Patterns
      • Flow Path component to simulate Fluid flow-pattern
      • Venation component to create a Branching/Venation Network
      • Knit Pattern
  • M.C. Escher
    • Collection of Method for generating patterns Best Known from Drawings of M.C.Escher
      • 4 Methods for Generating Parametric Escherized Tilings
      • 4 Methods for Generating Heterogenous [Parametric] Tailings (Also known by name ‘Metamorphosis’ Patterns)
  • Curve
      • Polygon Area: Create a polygon with predefined area
      • Divide Curve Variable: Divides a curves based on curvature and optional Maximum Tolerance
      • Loop Truncate: Truncates (Facets) a 2D or 3D Pattern 'Recursively'
      • Mirrored Subdivide Quad: Divides a Cell and Mirrors the pieces alternately (usefull notion in Islamic Patterns)
  • Mesh
      • Mesh Topology: Retrieves full topology of Mesh
      • Mesh Cap: Caps all holes by covering Naked Edges
  • Surface
      • Panelized Sum Surface: Creates a Planar Quad panelization on a surface, generated by two profile curves
      • Reverse Surface: Reverses U and V direction (domain) of a surface
      • Mesh Surface Variable: Creates a Mesh based on curvature of base surface (Larger mesh faces in flat areas)
      • Brep Fill Holes: Fills all Interior Holes on a Brep
  • Utilities
      • Mouse: Retrieves Mouse coordinates and button status
      • Color interpolate: Simple method of creating customized gradients and color sets
      • Face Me and Zoom to: two component to facilitate working with Camera, creating animation/documents
      • Golden Point: Generates a Point on Given Lines Based on Golden Ratio Proportions
      • Scissor : Creates a 'Scissor Structure'; a Circular Deployable Structure

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