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Hi all,

I'm pleased to share that PanelingTools is now available for Rhino 6 Beta (Windows 64 only). Please download and give it a try. Let me know if you have any questions, or encounter any problems installing or running.

Here is the direct link to download the PanelingTools installer. Simply double click the downloaded file and follow the prompts to install:

Important Note:
You will need the latest Rhino 6 Beta to run the new PanelingTools. Download from here:
If you own Rhino 5.0 License, then you can access Rhino 6 Beta now. Grasshopper installs and runs as part of Rhino 6 Beta.

You can download older versions of PanelingTools and access documentation from one of the following:
- PanelingTools Wiki:
- PanelingTools at Food4Rhino:

A great place to post questions and suggestions is the McNeel Discourse Forum:

For those of you using PanelingTools in Rhino Mac, you can continue to access PT thought the commandline (type pt, and the commands will auto-complete). You can also access PT Grasshopper components by following the instructions here:

Release Notes November 14, 2017:
- PanelingTools is now compiled against the public Rhino 6 SDK. This will help with quick updates and improvements independent of the Rhino release cycle.
- Paneling data is compatible between Rhino 6 Beta and earlier Rhino versions.
- ptGridExtrude1 allows defining a rotation base point when you set a rotation axis (from point becomes the base).
- Fixed the paneling output of partial patterns when the grid does not extend far enough to accommodate a full unit pattern.
- ptWeaveGrids has now an option to weave by columns. It used to support weaving by row only.
- Writing a reading managed patterns has been re-written.
- Fixed a number of various bugs.

Rajaa Issa
Robert McNeel & Associates

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