algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi all,
Just released a new version of Panelingtools and PanelingTools for Grasshopper.
Please download and install from here:

Also please make sure you have the latest Rhino 5 beta.

Look forward to your feedback.

-Rajaa Issa
Robert McNeel & Associates

What's new in PT for Rhino.
- Update ptUnrollSurfaces command to work better with tags.
- Updated toolbar.

What's new in PT for GH:
- Update to GH 0.9*.
- Bake multiple grids without concatenate them.
- Changed output structure from ptMorph2D so that it is easier to separate morpged modules into groups.
- Added 4 new components:
  - ptFlatten - flatten 2D grid into a tree of unit grids or cells.
  - ptFlatten3D - flatten 2 input grids into a tree of unit grids or cells.
  - ptMorph2DMap - Map a list of 2D modules to 2D grid cells.
  - ptMorph3DMap - Map a list of 3D modules to 3D grid cells.
  - Update example to include new functionality.
  - Update tags and comments.
  - Fixed crash bug when managed paneling produce no meshes.

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