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Hi all,

A new release of PanelingTools for Rhino and Grasshopper is now available for download. It includes many new features and bug fixes.

Installation instructions:

1- You need to have the latest Rhino5 SR9. PT will not load unless you update.
2- Download the PT installer (PanelingTools_2014_08_24_00.rhi) from:
2- Double click the downloaded rhi file and follow the prompts to install.
3- Next time you open Rhino and grasshopper, you should see the new version installed and loaded.
4- The updated toolbars should be also installed. You might need to load using "ToolbarLayout" Rhino command.

There are comprehensive manuals available. Please make use of them.
1- PT-Rhino:
2- PT-GH: http://

New in this Release:


1- All 2D and 3D Paneling commands, now pay attention to the attributes of the source module. Morphed geometry is no longer added to a new layer and is placed in the same layer as that of the source module(s).
2- ptPanel3DCustomVariable with mean option: added support to use multiple start/end modules.
3- ptPanel3DCustomVariable command with mean option: added support to use points as part of pattern.

4- Fixed history bugs to  custom2d and custom3d variable commands.
5- ptOffsetBorder: added bitmap and draft angle options.
6- Added history support to ptGridSurface* commands.
7- ptPlanarLips command is discontinued and is now replaced with the new ptTabs. The new command has "Distance" and "Recess" options to create tabs with a miter. It works with planar surfaces and polysurfaces.
8- ptUnrollFaces: Many improvements and new options.
9- Many other minor bug and crash fixes.

1- Added anew component to morph variable 3D components using mean or tween method between matching curves, meshes or surfaces.
2- Added the new ptOffsetGrid component of a grid.
3- Updated the ptMorph2dVariable component to accept a tree structure.
4- Fixed a few miscellaneous UI bugs and crashes.

As always, feedback is ve

ry much appreciated. Please post questions and reports to the following:
1- Rhino discourse forum (
2- PT forums (PT-Rhino: and (PT-GH:
3- Email tech ( or reach me directly (

Rajaa Issa
Robert McNeel & Associates

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