algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi guys, 

Trying to do a 3d panel custom, but I am not really managi

ng to produce exactly

 what I want with grasshopper. Any advice would be appreciated. 

I created a sort off gridshell structure and now I want to add some panels to it. The panels need to attach to each connection (joint) of this structure. As the reference image bellow (montage of what I am trying to produce).

I tried to do a panel custom 3D Rhino, but the panels does not line up the way I need. I would like to cover the "diamond areas" of the surface. But the problem is that the first one is only half, so somehow I need to shift to points in the corners. Please see attached jpg.

With grasshopper I created the grid I need, but I don't know how to "populate" the panel throughout the surface. Please refer to the gh file.

Also, I would like to make the panel shape parametric. Instead of just a mesh as it is now in Rhino. 

Can anyone help me with these?

Thank you very much. 


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Have you tried converted your PT grids to diamonds? I'm attaching a simple Rhino + GH example and screen shot.




Great idea, John. I'll try to do that now!! I'll let you know if I have any problem.

Thank you very much!!






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