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Hi All -- I'm trying to do a parametric curtain wall with planar surfaces, but that are tilted.  I also have spandrel panels to consider.  I've rebuilt the UV counts several times, the definition worked before I needed to align the spandrels -- I've tried eveything (this is still very new to me) that I can think of, but still getting 'failed to morph to grid' as a result.  I've tried doing the spandrels as separate surfaces from the main surfaces from the building, using two different geometries instead of one for the custom 3D module... please help.  This has been a constant obstacle for more than 24hrs now -- thanks in advance! Attaching some screen shots (as well as what I'm looking for [with spandrels aligned at floors]) as the file is large.


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What type of base surface(s) are you using? Polysurface (joined surfaces) or merged surfaces with one seam? I'm attaching a simpler version that may help. Also, you might want to use a bounding object (BO) to control the placement of the panel (PO) between the 2 grids. It seems you'll get some slight 'fanning' at the joints if you want to turn the sharp corners with the same panel. However, the 'fanning' is less noticeable with less depth in the panel.

Attaching a screen shot along with a .3dm and .gh file.

Hope this helps.



Hi John,

Thank you for your reply on this -- I'm still getting the same 'failed to morph' result, unfortunately.  Something with the UV counts, maybe? The surfaces are simple, 10 points in both U and V, 3 degrees.  I'll try rebuilding, but the may problem is still that -- while I have copied the script you made into a second rendition to accommodate the spandrel surfaces -- the grid itself is still being read as one thing.  Attaching screenshot here to show -- maybe I'm not describing this properly? I've asked my classmates, but we don't have experience with this kind of work yet.

You can see in the screenshots that there's an error for the main walls, but that the spandrel definition is running, but in the other shot, the spandrel surfaces are selected and the grid is running everywhere without regard to surface.

What do you think? Am I stuck?

Thank you,



Hey Ashley, 

How are you creating the exterior surface? Is it an offset surface (offsetsrf)? If so, are you offsetting a polysurface or a series of merged surfaces? You could try creating the exterior surface with scale 2D with "copy" selected, so you're just copying the original surface and scaling in the x, y dimension in order to get the exterior surface you want (or use the gumball to scale while holding the alt key (holding the alt key will copy the original geometry)).

The UVs for the base surfaces may be influencing what appears to be a convergence of grid points. If using surface domain number, it may help to get the surface(s) to the minimal amount of UV needed for your desired design. You could try other grid creation commands as well (domain length, etc).







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