algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi Mateusz,

Firstly thank you for putting this together, what a great way to get stuck into machine learning, through Grasshopper.

I am just having a play with the component at the moment and I am struggling to get good results.

In addition it seems it is not possible to have more than one output node, is this correct?

I am using the MNIST data as a test case and trying 10 output nodes, one for each digit. I tried using one node but this gave poor results.

Thank you in advance,


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Apologies, I've just answered my own question... it is possible, I just hadn't matched the no. of outputs correctly.



...However I am still struggling to get reliable results. My set-up is based on the article here:

I have attached my GH file for reference.



File size was a problem with the large dataset internalised. Here's an image instead:

For anyone who finds themselves following my monologue I have managed to get this to work.

The key problem was that neural networks are very sensitive to their hyper parameters (e.g. learning rate, alpha value for the Sigmoid function).

I ended up reducing my training data set size (to speed up training) and then used an optimisation algorithm (e.g the Nelder-Mead plugin - shameless plug) to optimise these parameters. This method reasonably quickly gave me decent results (>90% accuracy on my validation set).

I have since found a slightly different approach here:






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