algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Does anyone know how can I start running Octopus 0.2?

I know in version 0.1 we should double click on the component, in 0.2 double clicking does open any window.

Any help will be appreciated.


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Hi Nick,

I am also having the same problem. What version of GH are you using? mine is the 9.0059

on the website food4rhino it says that it is compatible with version 0.9.0056 but not sure about newer versions. At the moment im trying to understand the example files given in but its not working out.

I know it might be a stupid question.. but... did you double click on the genome 'button' rather than on the component itself?

Sometimes happens that libraries are locked.
Go into Grasshopper Special Folders. Right Click on the two Octopus files and choose Unblock.


The problem could also happen if you did not copy the HelixToolkit.dll file into the component folder.






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