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Hello Everyone, 

I am not sure if this is a known bug or is it a unique situation. 

After running Octopus for 123 generations, I figured that is enough and it is time to select few design options from the list. The problem is:

1. I open the octopus window

2. reinstate a design option ( lets call this design option A)

3. Octopus and rhino will visualize design option A.

All of The above is perfect and expected. But now I want to reinstate another design option/solution:

1. reinstate a different design option ( lets call it design option B )

2. before reinstating Octopus shows the configuration of option B and when reinstated Rhino matches the visualization from Octopus.

3. The PROBLEM: Once the option is reinstated in rhino, design option B in the Octopus window changes to look like design option A !!

4. everytime I reinstate a design option, Rhino shows the correct mesh, Octopus changes the mesh to look like design option A in the octopus window. basically rendering the idea useless to have the meshes.

Is there a solution to this problem?



PS: if the above is not clear I'd be happy to share images.  

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I have the same issue, any news to solve or workaround this behaviour?






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