algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hey everyone,

I would like to know if you can add a certain constraint in Octopus that lets you give solutions that are "bigger as" or "smaller as".

For example, I would like to get soltuions for a beam where the displacement in the middle is < l/300.

Is that possible? And how? ;)



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Hey Jakob,

If I understand you correctly, this is possible. Have a look at the manual that comes with the download, a boolean input can be used as a Octopus input. Octopus will discard solutions where the boolean is false.

"Boolean hard constraints [Boolean parameter]: Optional, a boolean parameter can be connected. Octopus expects a ‘true’ value for every valid solution, otherwise the solution is thrown away."

Hope this helps.

Hey Merijn,

thanks for your reply. I am going to have a look on this in the next two weeks.

All the best


Hi Merijn,

I have some problem about boolean parameter, I connected it to octopus but it generates false values too, what can I do about this?


did you manage to get this working? Also having the same issue 






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