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Does anyone know how I can save and reload the history of evolutionary runs in Octopus?

I appreciate any help...

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the history is saved automatically, you cam however delete it by clicking on the X-button at the right end of the history slider in octopus UI window.

when you ran octopus, just save your definition. depending on how many generations you have, and if you recorded meshes for your solutions, the gh file will grow bigger.
when you save and load the file again, all the data should still be there.


Thanks Robert .. I couldn't find the history slider in octopus UI window! Where is that? I attached a screenshot of my Octopus def. Could you please guide me with that?

Also, I need to have the history data as a text file, is there anyway that I can extract them? ( by history data I mean variable values and fitness values in each generation)

Thanks a lot..


where it says 'generation 24' on your picture, just at the bottom end of your 3d solution viewport, there is the history slider next to it. at its right end there s the x to delete all history.

you can use grasshoppers data recorder component to record all kinds of data while you either
1) run your search
2) reinstate single solutions via the context menu in octopus
3) recompute an entire generation or just its pareto front via the menu 'meshes'

the export tab does not work at the moment. i ll put it back to function in a week earliest.
theres also a little manual describing these main functions ..!


hey nick,

there's a new release giving you the ability to export history in text form!

check it should be made available for download soon.








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