algorithmic modeling for Rhino

hi every one

I'm armature whit octopus, i want set fitness value a specific number (like Galapagos that we can set any number as fitness), how can i do this?


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Just aim to minimise abs(f(x) - a), where a is your specific number. Just set it up as part of your definition.

Hi there, I saw many fitness related discussions here. But I don't understand what are you trying to calculate. Your BMI? I would really love to do it, but I think that all fitness and bodybuilding is on steroids these days.

Thanks to the person who mentioned steroids here. I know many people are prejudiced, but that is really an overprotective reaction, no more. I talked to my doctor and he also prescribed me injectable steroids for sale to correct the state of my musculature. And so far I have nothing to complain about.






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