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Computer cluster to reduce the optimization time?

Is it possible to use a computer cluster to reduce the optimization time in octopus?

Someone has already tried something about it?

Thanks, JD

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actually this is a big topic, since good results / application to complex tasks is unfeasible in most of the cases, when its simply not fast enough.

since grasshopper and rhino are not threadsafe from the beginning, it is not trivial, though. we got some developments going on to virtualize the context of the rhino and grasshopper file on another (invisible) instance, ... technical details .... but its still indevelopment, as said.

the other, more simple option - but far less user friendly - would be to start up multiple RhinoGH sessions on either the same machine or within a network, place a comunicator-component on the canvas and use those RhinoGH session to do some calculation..

do you have approaches / experience?



sorry for my late reply but I was very busy.

no, I don't have experience about that but I would be interested to document myself.

Do you know where I can find something introducing to it?






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