algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi everyone,

I've heard about Python being a powerful way to script in Grasshopper.  I'm looking for a good resource recommendation on why and how to script in Python for 3D modeling.



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Hey Miles,

Check out MODELAB on youtube, they have a large collection of tutorials on python scripting and processing. They are really good in my opinion. I think they have around 50 videos from intro all the way to dynamic behaviors. I have been meaning to get into myself but have not had the time. 

Good Luck and let me know how it goes

Anthony is right Modelab always has good stuff.

This was my first step into learning Python...

Free, simple, and fast-paced.  Once you are warmed up, consider moving on to the Python for Rhino primer.

Thanks Mike.

Finally have time to get started in Python.

For anyone else in the group that is interested, found this free class on edX






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