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Because the Mosquito_Direct component only can process two points once. I was thinking to use mosquito in python. By making a loop, it can gather tonnes of routes from random points within an area. But when I call the Mosquito function in Ghpython.It returns to Null. I am wondering is there any way to use mosquito in Ghpython?

Any reply will be appreciated.

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You can also just use a Timer and a Record component to gather a list of routes.

Can you send your GHPython script and I'll take a look.


Thank you for your replying. I am sure Timer is a workable method and I will try this.

For GHpython script, I just import the 'ghpythonlib.components' and try to use the 'Direct' function. I try to use two points as the inputs representing the 'FromPoint' and 'ToPoint'.  I uploaded my gh file. It is my pleasure if you can take a look at the script. Thank u so much.


If you try this in Rhino WIP, any warnings of called components will be reproduced in the outer GhPython component.

Good advice! Thanks 






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