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Intentionally, Vector Maps Beta will expire its serial every 60 days or so to force people to download the new version so we can deprecate old server functions. It recently expired and there is a new serial For Vector Maps

You can renew the serial two ways:

1) Download Mosquito, install it again, restart Rhino and you should be good to go.


2) Click on the little "gear icon" on the bottom left of the Mosquito Vector Maps component and enter this new serial for the Beta version:


Expires 1st September 2017  

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Hi Carson-

Is there a new serial for October? I use this tool fairly regularly is there an easy resource to access for the serial updates?

Thank you much,


Hi Sean,

Did you try the following serial ? Let me know if it works


Expires December 2016

Up and running, thank you Carson

Hi, I'm using your component for my architectural project, and since few days the serial expired, and the last one doesn't work ?

Do you have a new one ?

I sincerly need it, I curently using it for my urban study. As it's an amazing component !

Thank you very much !

Hi, I'm sorry to insist, but I really need to have acces to the plug-in to export all my work.

No serial working, I reinstall it from the web site two times, and the serial stay expired !

Could you help me ?

Thank you

Can you try this serial?


Expires March 2017

If that does not work, re-download Mosquito

It's working, Thank you so much !
Your components is amazing !!

Have a nice day !

Great, I'm glad you like it :)

thanks! it worked for me too!

very nice tool by the way...

Hi Carson,

Is there a new serial available, I'd really like to use Mosquito. Thanks in advance


Hi Tom,

I just posted a new serial. Did you get Mosquito to work ?







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