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Intentionally, Vector Maps Beta will expire its serial every 60 days or so to force people to download the new version so we can deprecate old server functions. It recently expired and there is a new serial For Vector Maps

You can renew the serial two ways:

1) Download Mosquito, install it again, restart Rhino and you should be good to go.


2) Click on the little "gear icon" on the bottom left of the Mosquito Vector Maps component and enter this new serial for the Beta version:


Expires 1st September 2017  

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Hi Carson,
I am trying to use Mosquito now with this serial number and it is telling me that it is expired. Please Help. This is really time sensitive. 

Is there a new serial number or anything I can do to get mosquito to work?


Try this serial, the other expired yesterday:  


let me know if this works

Problem Solved!

Thanks so much.

i guess i ave same problem of expired serials

initial one was for 71 days but doesn't work 

but all posted ones here doesn't work 

Thats very strange, and yes, it should say 71 days. When you say that it does not work, what do you mean?

Hi Carson,

Thanks for the great tool you made.

And as it is the end of May, the Vector Map component has expired.

I tried to reinstall Mosquito(basically just remove and paste the folder under Component Objects of GH), but it doesn't work.

Is there a latest Serial number?


Download Mosquito again or use this serial:


Expires September 1st 2016 

Thanks for the great work! It works like a charm!

Here is a new serial : IVSJC-BONFM-QVLBD-XMPON

Hi Carson,

Is there a new serial after Sept 2016?

Many thanks,


Temp Serial for a month: IVSJC-BONFM-QVLBD-XMPON

Thank you so much!!






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