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Is there a way to include multiple custom search parameters in one map node? I'm trying to get the OSM data for an area to bake on different layers, which works perfectly for buildings and roads, but not so much for other types of areas.

When I search for "surface" in the custom search, I can later filter them with a member index by different types, like "surface = asphalt" etc.

At the same time, I'd like to extract "natural" as well - when I insert surface and natural in the custom search, only the first one gets picked. Same when I graft the input.

My only workaround was to create multiple maps components, which is pretty senseless because a) they all need to be reloaded manually b) for some reason they end up with different center points which leaves me with multiple maps that do not overlap. 

I'd like to be able to either include multiple custom search parameters, or be able to extract all the parameters there are and manually filter them later - pretty much a simplified vector maps component with only a lines and info output. Mosquito works a lot faster than similar OSM plugins, so I think it wouldn't be a huge performance issue if it were to download all the data there is (Gismo for example takes 5-10 seconds to gather the same information as mosquito and slows down the entire computer, mosquito takes a couple of seconds to download and then runs smoothly with max. 500ms in the profiler, so great job on that)

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