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awesome work with the google api...any chance there's something in the works that would include the google maps distance matrix API? i'm having issues getting branched data to work within the component (one start point, many destinations). thanks!

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The API does not like multiple requests, so I disabled that. Essentially I need to program the component to gather data in the background at a rate that won't ban your IP address for too many requests in a row.

thanks Carson, I appreciate the quick reply. I've managed a workaround using a timer/data recorder.

also, I'm having issues with the MosquitoLocation component...I was able to input a list of addresses with no errors, now it's throwing back a "1. Solution exception:Error reading JObject from JsonReader. Path '', line 2, position 1." error with the same list that worked yesterday. is this a typical issue?



You may have overloaded the server.... Googles API hates multiple requests, hence my disabling the branch, multiple point input feature. 

Try again in an hour. It may have blocked your IP address.

On that note, regarding timing, you should feed in a new point every 3 seconds. Anything quicker than that, google will pick up ;)







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