algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi folks! 

We've successfully launched our beta product on Sept 21st, last month. Now we are testing with more than a hundred designers. 

Basically what we have for the beta is almost totally "different" from the alpha. Now with a much more solid back-end structure and very well performed rendering engine, you can easily drag and drop your models(native 3dm, stl, obj, skp, zip) and visualize them extremely fast in the browser. We've also built a whole set of cool collaboration tools, so you can invite your teammates, colleagues to your project and share, communicate, review about your design all in one place.  

Right now there are three use cases we believe you can get value from immediately using Modelo. We encourage you to test these use cases in your own work and let us know what you think:

  1. File storage and transfer - similar to Wetransfer or Dropbox, store and share files with your team, collaborators and clients.
  2. Internal Collaboration - Sketch, Take Screenshots, Create 3D comments, and chat with your team on the models you upload. All of these collaboration features are also integrated with your email, say goodbye to printing, scanning and emailing PDFs.
  3. External Presentation - Present models in real-time through the browser to clients or consultants.

If you want to participate, please email me at, or reply this discussion here with your email. Looking forward to see you on Modelo. 



Here are couple of short demo videos:

Sketch and assign a note to your colleague from on Vimeo.

Present your design with our 3d comment feature from on Vimeo.

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