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I've been working (having fun) with millipede, and I really enjoy and learn a lot using this excellent software..

Just two things I've found:  I'm not sure but I think there is a mistake in weight output  calculation @ fe solver module... as I get weight ok but ten times heavier than expected..

maybe I'm making some mistake in rhino units but I've checked and as far as I can see it's all ok.

Another issue I've noticed:

there are some "sawapanstat*.dll" referenced in one of the examples that point to user "pan" and get reference lost when using that example i can't remember exactly the example file but I think it was inside shell or topology optimization folder..

if I see the broken reference again I'll post here again.


and thanks for sharing your excellent work.

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Regarding the weight... 1kg on earth equals to 9.81 Newtons , which is damn close to the 10x multiplier problem that you have. 

Thank for your help, that was first thing I checked, but I'm using a predefined stock material unmodified....and Rhino units in meters so I have no clues what could be wrong, and the result is exactly 10 times heavier not 9.81...

I'm reading all docs again to see what could be the reason.






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