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I have been playing with millipede for some time now, but keep running into an issue with units. Specifically, most of the Rhino models I work with are in mm. I have converted the models into meters to use Millipede, but I find that my deflections get truncated. Also, this conversion process makes it difficult to use many of my existing GH definitions with Millipede (as they were designed in millimeter units).

Is there any way to scale my Millipede model class objects and/or increase the deflection significant figures so I can better use it?

Access to Source Code perhaps through the C# component?

As always, I appreciate your feedback, guidance, and experience.


Bryan T Jones

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Hi Bryan,
I am also interested to use millipede on small scale objects using millimeters.
Did you find the best way to have relevant results ?
Many Thanks

Just out of curiosity, Millipede only works in meters? Thanks.






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