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Hello Guys,

I have the backup zip file from Sawapan website. Somehow the web is down and the ZIP link is not working. So here you can download the Millipede Plugin for Grasshopper ZIP file. Please let me know if the file is working.

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It does work! Thank you so much for making this available!

Perfect! Thank you!!

Hi! The link works properly thanks! Just one thing: Once I have installed the plugin into gh, and I'm about to use any of the components a message comes up saying: "this version of millipede has expired. Please download a newer version at", though the components still seams to work. What is the issue here? 

Thanks in advance!

Hi! do you have any of the sample files and manual as well? many thanks!

Hello, thanks for the suggestion. I have uploaded the Millipede.pdf file in the same link!

Thank you so much for uploading Millipede! I couldn't find the pdf file in the link though, it is only the gha with the .dll files

Thanks! Really appreciate it






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