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I have been trying to run the example file "05_ThicknessByStress", which is not possible due an error in the C# script as marked in the attached image. Could someone please let me know how I would need to change the code in order to make it work?

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So what the error actually is? I mean, what's the message in red ballon? It might be caused by some missing libraries.

My first guess would be lack of SawapanStatica.dll and/or SawapanStatRhino.dll. Grasshopper should prompt you to update these files' location when you open the example file. If not, then right click on C# component, go to "Manage assemblies" and manually add .dlls mentioned above

Thanks Krzyszof,

I have tried that approach already. It doesn't change anything. The error in the C# component refers to the the line in the C# script which I have highlighted in my first post. There seems to be something wrong with that particular line.

Any ideas?

What is the error message then?

1. Der Objektverweis wurde nicht auf eine Objektinstanz festgelegt. (line: 79)

(1. The object reference was not set to an object instance. (Line: 79))

So there's nothing wrong with the script itself. Check if you provided adequate data, because it's not a C# problem


Thanks Krzysztof,

In my case, the C# script component is getting all the information it needs in order to compute the thickness...


I have the same problem. How did you fix it?

Thanks a lot,







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