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I have to make a average between a group of meshes, do you know how to do it?

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If you can share an image or file of what you are trying to achieve, it would be much easier to speak to. But you probably don't need mesh+ to do this.

If the meshes you are averaging have the same number of vertices/ face topology then you could just use mass addition to add the vertices together then divide by the total number of meshes. This will give you the average vertices for all the meshes. You can then construct a new mesh with these new vertices and the same faces as one of the original meshes.

look, I have 10 meshes that each one describes a foot, so I need to get a average from this group of meshes, can u tell me an idea or how to get it?

Ok, since it looks like each one of the meshes is unique, averaging the vertices will not work.

I'm sure there is a better way to do this, but one method would be as follows:

  1. Select one of the meshes and deconstruct it to get the vertices
  2. For each vertex use mesh closest point to get the closest point on each of the other (9) meshes.
  3. Use mass addition to add these vertices together and divide by the total number of meshes (10)
  4. Construct a new mesh using these new averaged vertices and the faces from the original mesh.

ok, thank you so much, but all this with or whitout using grasshopper? 





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