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Meerkat group,

I am studying the Birmingham, UK landscape; my goal is to parse the shapefile in Rh/GH and then shoot back the data into Google earth through KML. In order to test the shapefile's accuracy I imported it into Google Earth directly and the location of the buildings match with the google earth perfectly. Now when I import the .shp in Meerkat it shows the whole area that the .shp file covers. Now when I select to crop it I can tell that I am selecting a specific structure inside that window that unfortunately is not contained in the cropping box later. See the attached images for proof of point.



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If everything looks good in meerkat... I would question the method of getting geometry into kml format.  Are you tracking your units?  Also, how are you projecting from point space to coordinate space?  If you're using the Meerkat GIS point to lat long then I'm confused.  If you send me files, I will check them out.  Thx!


thank you for looking into this. Actually this is the outcome of the main component. Just looking at the boundary rectangle and the including geometry. I am not sure why this is happening...Please follow the link to the shapefile that I am using plus the simple .gh definition that I am using.








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