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Hi All!

First of all, thanks Nathan for this great plugin. I used several times and I must say that it's really useful.

I post because I have some problems when opening a Sao Paulo shapefile, as I already read it could be due to:

-Blocked files:

Unblock *.dll and *.gha files, but I've already done that, and also meerkat worked for other shapefiles I tried before.

-The shapefile type is not supported by meerkat:

I've read about some limitation while parsing. If this is the issue, is there any possible workaround? I'f tried everything, like using David's component, but this one just gets the geometry and I'd also need the data. Do you if it's possible change Shapefile type?

Thanks for your help!






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I'm looking into this and will get back to you soon.

Your problem as I can see it is your prj file.  It is not properly formatted.  Due you have a projection file for the same geographic area that you can swap in?

Hi Nathan,

thanks for your super fast reply. Knowing that, I started to look for the appropiate coordinate system that was used for this shape file. After some hours of research I finally got the good one and then everything worked fine. The problem was the several errors that there in the files I'm working with. Good to know this for the next time!







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