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I'm having problems adding windows, everytime I try to create I get these messages:

Any guess?

An additional question. Is it possible to use a window family with instance parameters for width, height and sill height so that lists with different values are streamed from GH to Revit to create different windows in one send?

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Nothing you're doing wrong, but definitely a bug and generally poor programming on my part.  Which version of Revit are you trying to use this for?  Because of changes in the Revit API over the versions it supports (and probably a little laziness on my part) each version is a separate project so I can specifically look to fix the one you're working with first.


I´m using the 2015 version.

Thanks for the support!

Try downloading the ZIP file from here:

That has an updated Revit 2015 plugin that I think resolves the window issue.  Hopefully I didn't mess anything else up in the process. :)

Make sure that you unblock the Zip file before you extract and copy the Revit 2015 or GH files to their respective places.-Tim

It´s working, it even worked with a complex arrangement of windows.

Thanks a lot, it´s a breeze!

Hi Tim,

Sadly my excitment with Lyrebird after performing some interesting things with windows didn't last long.

After testing the creation of Floors and Roofs I encountered an issue.

I´m getting the following messages:

Note that for floors it says that 20 elements will be created, and for roofs it says that 8.

When I hit create new elements nothing happens.

Any idea?



Looks like a wonky filter in the Grasshopper component.  It has a check to make sure the closed planar curves are planar in the XY plane, but was set to break apart the curve if it was passed, when it should only break it apart when it fails that test.

I don't think I wound up making any meaningful change to the Revit part of it this time, but replace the GHA file at least and I think it should function properly.

For what it's worth to you or anyone else, it's been a long while since I've revisited this app.  I have started looking into revamping it and the initial tests have been positive and have reignited my interest in this project, which had honestly been waning as lots of other interop tools have been released like Flux's newest stuff. I have a couple of other big projects that are taking up my time for now, but hopefully I'll soon be able to start pushing updates for an entirely new build.


It worked, thanks for your fast response!

Looking forward to see future enhancements...






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