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Hi! I just installed Lyrebird but when I double click on the LBOut component there are no families to choose from...

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Ok, i got the families, but when I try to export a wall from a curve generated in Grasshopper i get this error message in Revit: "Writing of Entities of this Schema is not allowed to the current add-in"

For some reason it's seeing a disconnect with the Vendor ID.  If you look at the addin file, does the vendor ID show 'LMNA'?  

Also does it give you any similar errors with the other creation methods (origin point or adaptive points)?

Hello Lmnt's ,

I am getting a similar error: Writing of Entities of this Schema is not allowed to the current add-in"

Can you advise where this xml file is stored and what program to open it in to check the vendor id and edit if necessary? thanks 

Just in case someone else needs to know...

Make sure you have the Lyrebird Server toggled to the On position in Revit.  By default it's off because it can be a resource hog if left on all the time.

Hi There, 

I'm also getting this error, but the Lyrebird server is definitely on. Any thoughts?

Sorry to bother, but can u please help me with this problem.

I did turn on the Lyrebird Server On in Revit and set the Revit 2015 version inside Rhino?

But I keep on getting this error. The data could be transferred to Revit but it has no Family or Type so the Revit can not generate the model inside.

I didnt install Revit on C: drive. is it because of that the Lyrebird could not find the Family and Type folder?








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