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Hello all,

I have created a CSV string inside GH using Lunchbox. Works beautifully. But I can't seem to export to .txt automatically. None of the workflow components will do that for me. Excel write is an option, but takes a long time.

Any recommendations? Am I missing something?

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Hi Konstantinos,

This post is a year old so perhaps you found the answer already, but for others that may come across this post, I had a similar problem and it's rather easy to solve, but not really intuitive.

Create the string in the LunchBox CSV component.  Then connect a panel to the CSV component.  Then right click the head of the panel and choose "Stream Destination."  You will be asked to create a file in the destination you choose, and you can select the .txt format from the "Save as type" menu.  Once you've created the file, right click on the panel head again and select "Stream Contents." 

The .txt file should be in your file destination, formatted correctly.

I hope this helps.






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