algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I'm Working with the Finches Componnent since a Year, and today i notice that the Component have a weird Behavior when reading the SHP Files against the New SHP file componnent in Grasshopper. 

the Thing is that Finches dont Read the Entire File, or maybe my SHP file are corrupt but i dont know because when i read it with the SHP component all the Geometry are imported to Rhino but with Finches no 

how can be possible that one component read 903 Geometry and other one read 961 ?

i add to the Message the SHP file, and the basic definition in GH if someone can check it and found the error will be so helpfull cuz its my Thesis Project and i'm going against the Clock 

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Toussaint, here is the latest ReadSHPFile component. Take a look at it and see if it works. This is a user object, and doesn't have any library dependencies. 

I would have to take a look at your SHP file to figure out whats going on.


Thanks Carlos 

tonight i will going to see whats going on with it 






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