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I would like to map sea current forces around a beach and simulate the behaviour of sea currents to find suitable areas for breakwaters that will reduce sand erosion in the beach. I would also like to simulate the behaviour of sea current forces with breakwaters. Does anybody know of a similar case? Could Kangaroo and vector forces be used to simulate sea current forces?

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Aquaveo. Keith from UPenn can help you with that

Thanks Jireh. I downloaded the trial version for Aquaveo and started fiddling around, I got the impression that you need scientific data and a knowledge on how to apply those data to be able to carry out a simulation. I am looking for something a bit more intuitive and I thought there might be some way around to do a basic simulation with vector forces in Grasshopper.

Try a plugin called Groundhog, it's a plugin specifically designed for landscape architecture done by Phillip Belesky. You can input sea level data to analyze tidal fluctuations along a coastal/riverine edge.

For Aquaveo, it's more effective if you have bathymetric data to run the simulation. It's basically a tool used by hydrological engineers which has more accuracy in analyzing fluctuations. Check out a project done by PEG landscape architecture called "Testing the waters". This would be more effective in your case where you can see actual simulations of water velocity and sediment transport which I find it impossible with only Grasshopper.

Thank you for your reply Jireh





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